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One of the greatest advantages of building with concrete is how plastic it is in its initial state.

From Single-Purpose to Jack of All Trades, Concrete Forming Systems Fill Every Niche

One of the greatest advantages of building with concrete is how plastic it is in its initial state. Properly mixed, concrete will flow smoothly into whatever forms are used to contain it, a fact that enables the building of some especially appropriate structural features in situ. Of course, the forming equipment that is used for that purpose will have a major influence on how successful any such effort ultimately is.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of different styles and lines of concrete forming equipment on the market. A.H. Harris, for example, lists nearly twenty distinct ones in the company's product catalog, with each of these having its own particular strengths and weaknesses.

One of the best known and most popular at the present time is the Harris 1500 forming system. Rated at over 2,500 psf, the system is appreciated for its versatility. Thanks to its flexible, modular nature, it has been used successfully to form a wide range of concrete features, ranging from large culverts to towering pedestals used for structural support. In addition to being an economical purchase and investment for companies that have regular need of such equipment, the system is also available for rental, an arrangement that can make good sense for those that do more occasional work of this sort.


If the Harris 1500 is known for its versatility, the MEVA Imperial, on the other hand, is often lauded for how successfully it specializes. Designed above all else to enable the forming of tall, structurally rigorous concrete walls, the system boasts greater ease of use than those that aim at catering to every need. The simplicity of the system means that crews can set it up, fill it, and take it down faster than many others, a fact that helps relatively straightforward projects go forward at a quicker pace than they otherwise could.

Going further with this approach, MEVA also offers a variety of other specifically targeted forming systems. The company's circular forming setup allows for the easy and successful building of water tanks and multi-level parking garage ramps, for example, and once again boasts a simpler setup than more versatile products generally do.

A variety of similarly specialized systems, as well as descriptions of more Construction Supplies by A. H. Harris locations, can be found in the company's catalog, which is therefore useful reading for those looking for more information. Some additional resources that can be just as helpful include the materials issued by the manufacturers of these forming systems themselves.

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